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At RxNutrition we take a functional medicine approach to nutrition and helping you meet your health goals...


Your metabolism is a reflection of your unique genetic and hormonal makeup.


Our approach includes a nutrition program tailored to your specific biology.


Sleep, stress and movement are just as important as diet for weight loss and improving energy.


At Rx we help you address these as a matter of priority. 

Healthy, well balanced gut bacteria are the foundation of a healthy body and mind.


At Rx we focus on balancing, restoring and supporting your gut bacteria through great nutrition. 

Gut health

Have you ever said...

"I always feel uncomfortable after I eat."

"I don't sleep well and wake up tired all the time"

"I want to lose weight, and keep it off"

"I need a sugar hit to keep me going during the day."

"I have no energy"

"I know I need to eat better to feel better, but I don't know how."

"I need coffee to function"

Find a new healthy & happy you

 with all the support and guidance you need. 

RxNutrition can help you make sense of your health concerns and reach your health goals.

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