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About Jane

Jane McIntyre is a nutritionist, RN and science nerd who is passionate about all things health. Jane holds a Masters of Human Nutrition from Deakin University and teaches regularly about gut health, digestion, metabolism and how food intersects the body's ability to produce energy and perform at its best. 
'I love educating people about how their bodies work, and seeing the realisation on their faces when they make the connections between their health issues, habits and the food they eat, and realise that they can make small changes to become a healthier version of themselves.'
As well as seeing clients in clinic, Jane offers individual and group nutrition coaching, workshops and education sessions.
Jane's story

Like so many holistic health professionals, Jane's  path to becoming nutritionist started with her own health journey. After the birth of her son in 2008, her health deteriorated. She put on 20kg and suffered crippling anxiety, panic attacks and depression. With her metabolism working against her, Jane suffered 'brain fog' and a significant lack of energy. 

She consulted her GP, tried eating less and exercising more, but still wasn't getting the results she needed. At a loss to find the answers she was looking for, Jane did what any good science nerd does and went into research mode.

With a background in nursing and cell biology, with a helping of immunology and some post grad epidemiology thrown in, she researched, read and learned everything she could about how what we eat affects the function of our cells, immunity and even our gene expression.


By taking ownership of her own health and becoming the expert on her body, Jane identified the foods she was eating that were impacting her gut health and hormones, and contributing to her dis-ease. 

Applying her new found knowledge, Jane lost the weight,  got rid of her anxiety, panic attacks and depression and reclaimed her health.

Since 2013 Jane has been teaching others how to reclaim their health. Let Jane help you make sense of your health concerns and reach your health goals.

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